New Shop Review: Sole E95 Elliptical Specs – at a Glance

The Bacchetta Shop & User Fanpage is proud to give our readers our first review, a winter alternative to cycling out-doors: The Sole E95 elliptical x-trainer is a relatively new invention in the world of workout and gym equipment. This machine is installed by the gym clubs, fitness centers as well as individuals for domestic workouts.

sole e95

This workout equipment has a number of new, revised and improved features which are absent in the other types of gym equipment. It has automated electronic operations which burn a lot of calories to keep you slim and well-shaped.

Prices of this instrument are also very reasonable. The operations are also very easy and flexible. There are no negative side-effects like body pains after using this equipment.

What are the Sole Fitness E95 main features?

  • It is an elliptical trainer with 30 Pound heavy flywheel for smother performance
  • It has many power incline features that add resistance to various muscle groups in the body
  • The machine has 9-inch blue LCD colored display that tracks distance, time, resistance and calories
  • It has an integrated sound system which is custom-designed and oversized foot pedals
  • The built-in cooling fans a capacity of 400 pounds and weighs 215 pounds

The Sole E95 elliptical is well-designed with easy-to-use conSole, featuring water bottle, built-in cooling fan and vibrant LED readout. It provides you with natural, fluid motion with a whisper-quiet driving system.

heart rate handle

What are the benefits of using the Sole E95 elliptical?

The Sole E95 elliptical workout equipment is very easy to use and contain, as pointed out by Richard Johnson at, all the best features of a health club gym machine. The console of this workout machine also has built-in speakers with mp3 players like iPod for comfortable listening. Marta L. Tellado, from, has published some great information about this.

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The fluid motion system in this machine functions in both forward and backward motions. It is a splendid combination of 34 lb flywheel along with a high gear ratio. Thus, it will give toy a very smooth feeling and offer a high resistance to your body muscles in order to shed extra fat.

Your body can move in diverse positions by only the touch of a button. You can adjust the ramp from zero to 40 degrees. Thus, it targets the muscles at the lower parts of your body. The Stationary handle bars have built-in pulse sensors which monitors your heart rates.

A chest strap for measuring the heart rate also include fore hands. The big size foot pedals contain durable cushioning with foam for a comfortable workout. These unique gym equipment foot petals are specifically designed by reputed physical therapists.

sole e95 elliptical sole e95 elliptical (2) sole e95 elliptical (3)

The engineers of the Sole E95 elliptical have designed a two degree inward slope to the foot pedals which reduces the stress in the knees and ankles.

What are the 21 major specifications?

  • 30 Pounds flywheel
  • God front drives
  • 20 inches stride strength
  • Eddy Current Braking resistance type
  • The resistance level is 20
  • 10 position adjustable pedals
  • Great upper body
  • Standard handgrip
  • Good HGP
  • Splendid heart rate controls
  • Flexible power incline
  • 9 inch backlit LCD
  • The data include distance, time, calories, pulse, pace, incline and resistance levels
  • Strong profile matrix
  • 6 standard programs
  • 2 user defined programs
  • 2 hart rate programs with chest straps
  • 400 pound capacity with 215 pound weight
  • There is 5 years warranty on the electronics part and 2 years on the labor
  • The product dimension is 66 x 33 x 23 inches
  • The above-mentioned specifications of the Sole E95 elliptical product specs are 100% exclusive in the global workout equipment market.

NOTE: Sole E98 elliptical is better but more expensive

The Sole E95 big brother is the Sole E98 elliptical. This machine is more costly but comes with more features and better built quality. If you have any interest in this particular elliptical in spite of the price I encourage you to read some of the many online Sole E98 elliptical reviews.

Funny Fact #1: Elliptical trainers generate electricity

How to use it?

The Sole E95 elliptical machine is very easy operating gym equipment. You can track your workout progress with the help of a commercial-grade 9-inch LCD display. It includes incline, distance, time, windows for resistance, pulse, and burned calories. Etc.

sole fitness e95 (4) sole fitness e95 sole fitness e95 (3)

You can enjoy the good quality sound of the mp3 player and drink from the water bottle fitting area of the equipment. One of the biggest advantages of using this machine is that it can e use and operated in a highly customized way as per your gym needs.

With regular workout on this equipment all types of heart related problems can be successfully prevented and cured. It can be used by practitioners of any age group. But it is always advisable to consult a physical fitness trainer to set the speed, adjustment, etc. for a safe workout.

You will shed extra fat from various parts of your body, prone to fat deposition like belly, stomach, hips, thighs, etc. within a short period of tie. This will result in overall reduction of body weight in a very healthy manner. The bones and muscles of your body will also become stronger with regular workouts on the Sole E95 elliptical product specs equipment.

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Thus, Sole E95 elliptical machine is a very good option to lose weight, keeping the heart healthy and gain an attractive physique.