Updated Shop Review: Sole E35 Elliptical Product Specs And Features (2021/2022)

We are now entering the winter season, and 2022 is just around the corner. I remember all the way back in 2016 when we published one of our first blog posts here, and now the time has come to update our previous findings to accurately reflect the current 2021 model. The Bacchetta Shop & User Fanpage is happy to announce a our second (REVISED) review (by popular request from our readers!), we continue to focus on winter cross-training alternatives: The Sole E35 Elliptical Machine is a fitness machine that can provide you with a quiet drive system and a fast paced cardio workout in any place of the home. Our last article covered the E95, in this article we cover the E35 Elliptical trainer features. Providing a challenging cardio workout, there are features like a backlit LDC display and a training data tracking device to help you stay up to date on your workouts. Based on reviews, the overall design makes the price worth it. The machine has a measuring size of 27 by 58 by 83. The 375 pound weight limit gives plenty of leeway for people of a heavy weight to use the machine.

sole e35 elliptical

Sole E35 Elliptical Product Specs And Features

Let start by looking at the Sole E35 Elliptical specifications and features as listed by Sole Fitness, Steve Frazier at Elliptical Consumers, and Consumer Reports 2021 (where you can find detailed product test, and in-depth reviews).

E35 elliptical

– Sole E35 Elliptical Adjustable Pedals

The pedals are completely adjustable. The stride and incline of the entire cardio machine can be adjusted very easily with a few adjustment movements. The 20 to 22 inch stride length system allows for you to get multiple types of movements.

– Plenty Of Programs From Sole Fitness

Plenty of programs allows for you to have an easier time when you’re trying to get your workout in on a Sole Fitness Elliptical. For example, there are six standard programs, two custom programs you can use, and even two heart rate programs. The heart rate monitoring uses chest straps and pulse grips to help you exercise efficiently. The E35 Elliptical Programs are perfect since they allow you to follow a certain plan while you’re exercising. The new workout programs from Sole Fitness (here) are of high quality and usually more then good enough for most people. Nowadays you can also connect your smart devices to choose your favorite program. More: Elliptical trainers better than treadmills for increasing heart rate.

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– LCD Console

There is a 7.5 inch display drive system that can provide you with an easy view of what you need to do. There is 15 inch pedals added to it. The sound system helps play music without the use of headphones in the ear while you’re running.

sole e35 elliptical console left sole e35 elliptical console right

sole e35 elliptical console interval

– The E35 Drive System

There is a very quiet drive system. This allows for you to run and use the machine using a very fluid motion that functions both forward and backwards. The 29 pound flywheel and the high gear on the Sole E35 Elliptical helps create that perfectly smooth feel as you are using the machine. This gives riders the chance to continue exercising without hearing a loud noise that most traditional fitness machines make. There is less resistance that can make it annoying to run on the elliptical. It’s fast, fluid, and quick.

– Extra Size In Foot Pedals

These were designed by a professional physical therapist. The engineers from Sole Fitness created a two degree inward slope throughout each pedal. This helps on reducing the ankle and knee stress that your body has to deal with. Most ellipticals will give you a lot of stress throughout the knees and ankles because they force you to move your body in a certain way. This simple little design allows for users to avoid future or potential pain throughout their body. The knees and ankles are very fragile, and they can deal with more pain in the future if not properly cared for.

– Four Rear Wheels

There is an additional four rear wheels on the Sole E35 that are actually very heavy duty rails. This causes for the rider to get a much smoother experience as they exercise. The stable feel helps reduce any side to side pedaling motion that is oftentimes experienced on other machines.

– Inclining Is Easier On The E35 Elliptical

You can add in a perfect amount of resistance if needed. The resistance added will only make you workout more effectively. You can even achieve variable positions to give you a challenging workout with a quick touch of a button. Just one touch can change the movement of the elliptical to go higher and make it tougher to run. This gives you that extra challenge. It will still remain fluid, fast, and also quiet as you are running. You can adjust the angle of the ramo between 0-30 degrees, so you can change it up to target the different muscle groups of your body.

sole e35 incline 15

Pros Of The Sole E35 – Based Off Of Reviews

One of the main pros of the Sole Fitness E35 is the fact it has additional features like a strong surround system and a nice fan to help keep you cool as you continue to run. This allows for you to get the additional breeze that you need during and throughout your workouts. Since the machine is extremely quiet, you don’t need to worry at all about having to get other people hearing you working out in your fitness room at home or at your gym. The machine is quiet and fluid. Most users experience plenty of easy access to the machine. This is what most people like about the LCD. Setting up one of their programs is easy and fast. More: Don’t underestimate the elliptical.

Cons Of The Sole E35 – Based Off Of Reviews

One of the main cons is how large the E35 Elliptical trainer is. The specifications and measurements is quite large. It is not a tiny little compact machine you can lug around anywhere in the house. If it were going to be out in a house, a huge fitness room will be needed, or else the entire room will just be able to have this elliptical to fit inside. The heavyset design makes it even more tough to bring to your home since it’s very heavy and weighs nearly 270+ pounds to carry. Having multiple people is usually needed to help assemble the system since the elliptical is quite large with heavyset parts and equipment.

You don’t want anyone to trip or hurt themselves by either dropping the weights or moving the machine around. It’s tough because of its large size and then there’s the fact that you will always need to clean it after every workout to get it clean again.

Is This Elliptical Trainer Worth Buying?

The Sole E35 Elliptical is only worth buying if you feel as though it fits into your home and you have outweighed both pros and cons. There are a many features to this entire machine. It is worth using if you want to, but there are definitely things you need to consider before you invest your money in this machine. There are reviews of countless of people explaining both sides of the product, but there are many people who have enjoyed using it in the past. Continue reading more reviews to get a quick look as to whether it fits into your needs at the moment or not.

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This product is going to provide you with great exercise. This cardio machine has a simple little design you could use for staying fit. The Sole E35 Elliptical design is very sleek, compact, and despite it being very heavy and wide, it’s still very sleek in its overall frame. It could be your best friend after you get used to it.

New Shop Review: Sole E95 Elliptical Specs – at a Glance

The Bacchetta Shop & User Fanpage is proud to give our readers our first review, a winter alternative to cycling out-doors: The Sole E95 elliptical x-trainer is a relatively new invention in the world of workout and gym equipment. This machine is installed by the gym clubs, fitness centers as well as individuals for domestic workouts.

sole e95

This workout equipment has a number of new, revised and improved features which are absent in the other types of gym equipment. It has automated electronic operations which burn a lot of calories to keep you slim and well-shaped.

Prices of this instrument are also very reasonable. The operations are also very easy and flexible. There are no negative side-effects like body pains after using this equipment.

What are the Sole Fitness E95 main features?

  • It is an elliptical trainer with 30 Pound heavy flywheel for smother performance
  • It has many power incline features that add resistance to various muscle groups in the body
  • The machine has 9-inch blue LCD colored display that tracks distance, time, resistance and calories
  • It has an integrated sound system which is custom-designed and oversized foot pedals
  • The built-in cooling fans a capacity of 400 pounds and weighs 215 pounds

The Sole E95 elliptical is well-designed with easy-to-use conSole, featuring water bottle, built-in cooling fan and vibrant LED readout. It provides you with natural, fluid motion with a whisper-quiet driving system.

heart rate handle

What are the benefits of using the Sole E95 elliptical?

The Sole E95 elliptical workout equipment is very easy to use and contain, as pointed out by Richard Johnson at www.ellipticalcardio.com, all the best features of a health club gym machine. The console of this workout machine also has built-in speakers with mp3 players like iPod for comfortable listening. Marta L. Tellado, from www.consumerreports.org, has published some great information about this.

e95 elliptical (3) e95 elliptical e95 elliptical (2)

The fluid motion system in this machine functions in both forward and backward motions. It is a splendid combination of 34 lb flywheel along with a high gear ratio. Thus, it will give toy a very smooth feeling and offer a high resistance to your body muscles in order to shed extra fat.

Your body can move in diverse positions by only the touch of a button. You can adjust the ramp from zero to 40 degrees. Thus, it targets the muscles at the lower parts of your body. The Stationary handle bars have built-in pulse sensors which monitors your heart rates.

A chest strap for measuring the heart rate also include fore hands. The big size foot pedals contain durable cushioning with foam for a comfortable workout. These unique gym equipment foot petals are specifically designed by reputed physical therapists.

sole e95 elliptical sole e95 elliptical (2) sole e95 elliptical (3)

The engineers of the Sole E95 elliptical have designed a two degree inward slope to the foot pedals which reduces the stress in the knees and ankles.

What are the 21 major specifications?

  • 30 Pounds flywheel
  • God front drives
  • 20 inches stride strength
  • Eddy Current Braking resistance type
  • The resistance level is 20
  • 10 position adjustable pedals
  • Great upper body
  • Standard handgrip
  • Good HGP
  • Splendid heart rate controls
  • Flexible power incline
  • 9 inch backlit LCD
  • The data include distance, time, calories, pulse, pace, incline and resistance levels
  • Strong profile matrix
  • 6 standard programs
  • 2 user defined programs
  • 2 hart rate programs with chest straps
  • 400 pound capacity with 215 pound weight
  • There is 5 years warranty on the electronics part and 2 years on the labor
  • The product dimension is 66 x 33 x 23 inches
  • The above-mentioned specifications of the Sole E95 elliptical product specs are 100% exclusive in the global workout equipment market.

NOTE: Sole E98 elliptical is better but more expensive

The Sole E95 big brother is the Sole E98 elliptical. This machine is more costly but comes with more features and better built quality. If you have any interest in this particular elliptical in spite of the price I encourage you to read some of the many online Sole E98 elliptical reviews.

Funny Fact #1: Elliptical trainers generate electricity

How to use it?

The Sole E95 elliptical machine is very easy operating gym equipment. You can track your workout progress with the help of a commercial-grade 9-inch LCD display. It includes incline, distance, time, windows for resistance, pulse, and burned calories. Etc.

sole fitness e95 (4) sole fitness e95 sole fitness e95 (3)

You can enjoy the good quality sound of the mp3 player and drink from the water bottle fitting area of the equipment. One of the biggest advantages of using this machine is that it can e use and operated in a highly customized way as per your gym needs.

With regular workout on this equipment all types of heart related problems can be successfully prevented and cured. It can be used by practitioners of any age group. But it is always advisable to consult a physical fitness trainer to set the speed, adjustment, etc. for a safe workout.

You will shed extra fat from various parts of your body, prone to fat deposition like belly, stomach, hips, thighs, etc. within a short period of tie. This will result in overall reduction of body weight in a very healthy manner. The bones and muscles of your body will also become stronger with regular workouts on the Sole E95 elliptical product specs equipment.

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Thus, Sole E95 elliptical machine is a very good option to lose weight, keeping the heart healthy and gain an attractive physique.